September 30th, 2011

Social Networking in Academics

Pooja SankarI came of age in Patna, India and that was the way it was. To say I was naïve or sheltered misses how profoundly different traditional Indian culture is from modern American culture.

So when I got to IIT Kanpur as one of only three girls in the computer science program, I was well prepared academically but on a different planet socially. And when I saw the boys in my class collaborating on assignments, I understood that academic life and social life were one and the same. Until I developed the social skills to interact with my professors and my peers, I struggled academically.

Pooja Sankar (Founder & CEO, Piazza and former Facebook Engineer)

Piazza is an online platform where students and teachers come together to solve problems.

(Source: Women 2.0)