October 10th, 2011


What you may not know about Robot Heart Stories is that it’s entirely a collaborative project through and through—a labor of love from everyone involved, doing everything on a volunteer basis on their own time. From this blog and from our IndieGoGo page, you already know about Lance, Janine, the Dr. Julien Foundation, Story Pirates and several others, but there are over 30 people in the US, Canada and Europe working behind the scenes here, adding their own input, their ideas, and their talents to make this as good as possible—after all, the future of education is on the line here!

For instance, we have photographers to send out to all the landmarks for the Robot’s journey, writers working on the story, designers working on the different websites, others involved in launching the actual rocket, and of course, bloggers (like me!) to tell you all about it. As we approach our launch date, it will be great to see how this amazing project comes together! Stay tuned!

October 4th, 2011

The Black Girl Project

Finding a good role model can be hard, especially when the media is full of less-than-flattering portrayals of people like yourself. For Black girls it can be especially tricky, almost as if there’s two strikes against them.

The Black Girl Project is a film all about identity. It’s a documentary by Aiesha Turman that asks nine Black girls between the ages of 18-21, all from different backgrounds and ethnicities, who they are. It sounds simple enough but it’s really amazing what kind of stories they have to tell, each story dispelling another negative image out there. But best of all, if you check out the website you can see that it’s become a lot more than a film—you can see on the Facebook page that BGP is laying the framework for a community of support. There’s also educational material coming soon, and a schedule of upcoming screenings of the film. It’s really amazing what can happen when somebody sees a problem and sets out to change it, one film at a time.