October 24th, 2011

What are the LA Students passionate about?

We’ve been hearing a lot from the class in Montreal over the last week, but how have things been going on the other side of the continent? How have the students in LA been interacting and contributing? Check out this letter in which everyone decided to help Laika by telling her their passions in life. Everyone thought up something very different and clever. I especially like the way Britney thinks.

Dear Laika,

We learned that passion gives you fuel, so we are going to share some of the things that make us feel most passionate. We hope it helps so we can finally meet you!

·         I feel passionate about music because it’s part of who I am as an individual. Listening to music makes all of my cares go away. I listen to music when I’m feeling sad or insecure. I also like playing the piano and singing. When I sing, it lifts all of the weight off my shoulders. At that moment, I am free to be who I am, and that’s who I want to be.   
- Ali Freas

·         I feel passionate about my education because without it I would not know about anything.      
-Hunter Ragle

·         I feel passionate about friends because you are not alone and when you’re sad they will cheer you up. 
-Hailei Gonzales

·         I feel passionate about life because you get to do many fun things, have wonderful experiences, meet new people, and just have the time of your life.                        
-Naomi Marquez

·         I like to be creative because if I wasn’t I would be boring.  –Gabriel Alaniz                                                 

·         I feel passionate about running with my mom because it feels calm and free to have the wind go through my hair, and my brothers aren’t there. 
- Micaela Koch                                  

·         I feel passionate about Starbucks because I love the smell of coffee, whipped cream, and caramel.       
- Britney Arana                                              

·         I feel passionate about my dogs because I play with them, and they always chase me.            
- Wilfredo Escobar                                        

·         I feel passionate about music because I like to dance.  
- Jennifer Castro                    

·         I feel passionate about my room because it’s like a man cave. 
- Victor Soto                                   

·         I feel passionate about my sisters because I teach them things. 
- Oswaldo Diaz                 

·         I am passionate about flowers because they are colorful, smell good, and are interesting to watch sway in the wind.  
- Agenda Domsitz                

·         I feel passionate about Laika because she is brave.  
- Caitline Molina

·         I like to be creative because then whatever I make, I like, because it came from my imagination.       
- Alessandra Rugamas

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