September 24th, 2011

Khan Academy

So like I mentioned in the first post, aside from giving you a behind the scenes look at our own projects, we’ll also be using this Tumblog to highlight some really awesome projects from other folks who are doing their own part to reboot education. And that brings us to Khan Academy. This is something I’m really surprised no one’s thought about before: an entirely free, go at your own pace database of educational exercises and videos, covering everything to basic arithmetic to complex physics to history and economics. An interactive Wikipedia? A personal, online teacher who knows everything? Anyone can sit down, choose a lesson, and then dig deeper from there as the site suggests more advanced lessons they can move on with. Best of all, it’s treated as a game: it gives learners stats and points, showing them exactly what they’ve accomplished. It’s really some impressive software, fitting for such a genius idea.

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